Are you in need of assistance and guidance with your potential Short Sale?

A short sale describes the situation where a homeowner is underwater – owes more on the mortgage(s) than their home is worth. The home is “underwater”. In such a situation, there is a way out for many homeowners through a short sale, provided they qualify for their specific lender’s short sale program. A homeowner stuck in an underwater home that they can no longer afford should be wary of companies touting “systems” or “proven methods” for short sale success.   The truth of the matter is that every person stuck in an underwater home is in a different and unique situation. A homeowner with an FHA loan and a forced job relocation is in a very different position versus recently-divorced homeowners who individually cannot afford the mortgage payment. The way forward for one, may not be the same for the other.   At Massive Property Group, we have teamed with attorneys who have extensive short sale experience in order to provide our clients with professionally negotiated short sales at no direct cost to them. Those negotiators have experience in dealing with a wide array of hardships, from the death or a borrower, divorce, job loss or relocation, illness, etc., along with experience negotiating with all types of lenders and loan types, from FHA loans serviced by major lending institutions down to credit lines with smaller regional lenders. Our partners are willing to discuss your specific situation, at no cost to you, and see if a short sale may be right for you.  

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